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Royal Gold Today International Prices: Thu July 31, 2014

MALAYSIA RM 216 RM 21,600 RM 108,000 RM 216,000 RM 150 / GM
SINGAPORE S$ 83 S$ 8,300 S$ 41,500 S$ 83,000 S$ 56 / GM
AUSTRALIA A$ 74 A$ 7,400 A$ 37,000 A$ 74,000 A$ 52 / GM
NEW ZEALAND NZ$ 83 NZ$ 8,300 NZ$ 41,500 NZ$ 83,000 NZ$ 58 / GM
CHINA CNY 415 CNY 41,500 CNY 207,500 CNY 415,000 CNY 293 / GM
HONG KONG HK$ 526 HK$ 52,600 HK$ 263,000 HK$ 526,000 HK$ 372 / GM
INTERNATIONAL US$ 67 US$ 6,700 US$ 33,500 US$ 67,000 US$ 47 / GM

*** Bullion Gold Bar Purity: 999.9 ***

What is Gold Trading Program ?

Basically, we operate just like any Goldsmith Outlets where you buy gold jewelries and have the privilege of selling it back for cash at a future time on a willing buyer willing seller basis but with the following exceptions:

  • We only buy and sell Hallmark Gold bars that are internationally acceptable for trade.
  • Our business transactions are managed in compliance with Islamic Shariah Principles.
  • We share our profits with Customers in the form of "HIBAH" / Gift.
  • Our business obligations are assured by a comprehensive insurance coverage.

So Who We Are Exactly ?

Among all the precious metals in the world, gold is the most popular as a symbol of wealth. Gold has been used throughout history as money and has been a relative standard for currency equivalents specifics to economic regions or countries. Individuals buy gold to serve as a hedge against economic political and currency crises, as they are favored due to their market stability and continuous demand. Companies buy gold for industry use. Central banks buy gold as part of its capital reserve. Nonetheless, like any other traded commodity, the gold market is also subject to speculation through futures contracts and options.

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"As fewer and fewer people have confidence in paper as a store of value, the price of gold will continue to rise" (Jerome Smith).

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